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The plot of “Mary V”  is as follows: A traditionally male dominated cast of Henry V arrive for rehearsal. They are soon joined by Mary V and her band of sisters. The women make their rightful claim to the stage. The men refuse to comply. The play, Henry V, begins to take over and the women and men become more and more violent. This war leads to real consequences. 


In our current political climate where toxic masculinity is in power, this play presents a timely discussion of how gender and leadership interact. We limit who can hold positions of power, and no matter who holds the position, we expect certain behavior. Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to examine these limitations. These narratives are as old as the canon it self. By having a woman struggle with the demands of toxic masculinity, the audience is invited to look at these ideas in a new light. 


"Mary V” first premiered as part of the Dream Up Festival with Theater for a New City on August 28, 2016. It was co-produced by Theater for a New City for an off-off Broadway run in June 2017.

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